Open Play

Admission Pricing to change effective Sept. 1


All Day Admission

6 months- 12 years old ...........$11.00


Family Day Pass

3-4 children

(per household).........$30.00

Adults 13 or older......................FREE

Waivers must be filled out prior to entry and must be filled out by legal guardian. Each adult 18 and older is required to fill out a waiver.



We are in unprecedented times and we are doing whats best to support our customers during this time. 

We know that each business is different but  at Woodland Kids we feel individuals should be able to make their own decisions for their own health and their families. However we do ask  that masks be worn when social distancing not possible, except those with valid medical or religious exemptions.

Our facility is just under 12,000sqft which provides plenty of space for social distancing. 

We do ask that gloves not be worn in our facility unless you bring in a new unused pair. 

We have a hand sanitizing station in the lobby and we are asking each individual to sanitize before entering for play.

Grip socks are still required for ALL children and adults.

General Admission

Woodland Kids is designed for children 12 and under. We ask that children 13 and older not play freely in the play center. We encourage them to play with younger siblings or small friends, but we would appreciate that they play carefully and respect the smaller children playing.

We do not allow any major outside food or drinks in our facility. Light snacks are allowed. We are a peanut free facility.

Grip socks are required for ALL guests visiting. This include all adults and children. Grip socks are available for purchase if needed. Toe less grip socks, homemade grip socks or unsanitary slippers or socks are not accepted.


Frequently asked questions

Is admission good for the whole day?

Yes! Admission is good for the whole day. So you can go run errands, get lunch and come back and play.

Why are grip socks required?

1. For safety and sanitary purposes 2. Non-skid rubber soles reduce the risk of falling and slipping. 3. Grip socks protect and reduce the spread of any foot infections or viruses.

Do I have to purchase your grip socks?

No! We accept any grip socks as long as they are clean and have a full rubber grip on the bottom. We do not accept toe less grip socks or handmade grip socks. Socks must be clean and free of dirt and debris. We do have grip socks for sale should you need to purchase some.

Can I bring outside food and drinks?

We do allow light snacks to be brought in such as goldfish, popcorn, bars etc. We do not allow anything with peanuts. We do not allow major outside food such as fast food, pizza, sandwiches etc. We do have coffee, tea, cocoa and light snacks for sale.

What do you use to keep your facility clean?

We pride ourselves on a very clean and safe environment at Woodland Kids. We use all natural botanical cleaners in our center. We sanitize and wipe everything down throughout the whole day.

Do you offer bookings for private events?

Yes! Please reach out to our staff for more information.

Why do waivers need to be filled out by a legal guardian?

Waivers are required to be signed by a legal guardian or parent because they are signing with authority over the rights of the minors and agreeing to not hold the facility legally accountable for accidents while in the facility.

Are you a franchise?

We are a family-owned and independent business.

Is your facility wheelchair-accessible?

Yes! We are ADA-compliant and we have a huge open concept that allows plenty of room for wheelchairs.

Do you have discounted group rates?

Yes, we offer special discounted rates for groups. For more information, please contact us.

Do you have any jumpy things or swinging things?

No, we do not. We our an open free-play facility that encourages imaginary play.

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